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Bill Crowley Photographer


Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my page! My name is William Crowley I was born and raised in Eastern Connecticut I have a degree in Business Administration. For as long as I can remember photography and art have always been a passion of mine. Within each image there is a story to be told and that alone inspires me to capture those special once in a life time moments.


I enjoy working with families and children, helping them to preserve memories that will be enjoyed for generations. I enjoy conversing and communicating with my clients in order to make their experiences personally tailored. I make it my goal to create and capture inspiring images. By being innovative and working to incorporate new found interests with lifelong hobbies, I am able to paint a picture that you can enjoy and your loved ones will admire.  

Although it may be my lens that focuses on the pictures, it is your imagination that makes it possible! 

In addition to capturing weddings, I also have an expansive portfolio from various events from around the globe. Modeling, fashion shows, sports, commercial product advertisement as well as numerous gallery presentations of landscapes have found their way into various publications from around the world.

Before ever setting foot into a studio I spent years perfecting my trade in natural light outdoor settings, this has given me the versatility to work in any environment. I have developed the necessary skills and learned to maximize my chances of capturing those once in a lifetime moments regardless of the circumstances.

I use pro line Canon equipment and lens; in addition I also use off-camera strobe lighting when needed. I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop and work closely with other professionals in the photography field.




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