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"Fitness it is a constant evolution of ones self, that may take form in several different ways. I have had the privilege of working with many people some of whom are professional athletes, and others that have made a decision that it was time for personal improvement. Each story is inspirational in its own right! To some it’s a lifestyle of constantly pushing yourself to the limits and breaking boundaries, to others it’s a transformation from where you once stood and the journey you set path on for a personal purpose of improvement. No matter how you look at it, its a constant journey to a better you! No one can take away the sense of achievement or empowerment it gives you on an individual basis, to some it’s finding a state where you once again feel comfort in your own skin. Every life story is unique and different, not one completely alike. I consider it an honor to have encountered individuals from such diverse backgrounds: some lifelong athletes, to others that have had to fight disease, eating disorders, and personal insecurities for which no one should judge. The journey you make is all your own, each person takes a different path on which no one should be judged."           William Crowley



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