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Simple steps to approach a safe & successful modeling career

Step 1

Like anything else you must first invest time and effort into learning your craft. Enroll in a reputable modeling school or seek out a proffesional modeling agency that teaches you various modeling techniques. If you don't know of any reputable modeling classes in your area, ask other models pr photographers in the area for referrals. If you find a class your are interested in, ask the class instructor if you can audit the class first to see if it is a good fit for you.

Step 2

Visit a photographer to get professional photographs taken, the investment is well worth the money. Do your homework and make sure the artist you are working with is not just some guy with a camera, work with professionals only! Your safety is number one, second the way you are captured can damage your reputation and halt a career before it ever starts. Your portfolio is what you pride yourself on, in this case image is everything! In most cases a hair and makeup artist during your photo shoot, in the case it is not ask your photographer for a reference. Hair and makeup can drastically alter your appearance, the makeup should only enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. You need several different shots, including a close-up head shot, a full-body shot and a quarter-body shot. You don't have to wear the same clothes in each of your shots. Feel free to change your clothing and look to show versatility.

Step 3

Pick out three to five of your favorite pictures from the photo shoot. Turn your pictures into a comp card. A comp card is simply a collage of your pictures combined onto one sheet of photograph paper. The comp card includes your name, contact information, height, weight, clothing sizes, shoe size, hair color and eye color.

Step 4

Submit your comp card to casting directors when you see a casting call you are interested in. In most cases, the casting director requires an e-mail submission of your comp card and modeling resume. In other cases, the casting director may request postal mail submissions.

Step 5

Keep a pictorial record of your booked gigs. These pictorial records are referred to as “tear sheets.” For instance, if you book a gig for magazine print work, tear the picture out of the magazine and make it a part of your pictorial portfolio.

Step 6

Get an agent to work for you. A good agent will take the time to teach and lead you on how to improve and build yourself as a brand. They will also watch over you similar to parenting, there are many cautions to be taken seriously in the industry. Search out modeling agencies that are looking for new clients. When you find an agency you are interested in, submit a representation request, along with your comp card and portfolio. If the agent likes your look, she will bring you in for an interview and offer you a representation contract. Never give upfront payments to an agent or agency. Any agent or agency requesting upfront payments is likely a scam. A legitimate agency only gets paid after you have signed a contract .

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